Plan a Visit

The art walk is open four seasons, weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with the exception of holidays.

Anyone is welcome to visit Oaken Transformations, access is free to the public, and no reservations are required. If you would like to bring a group of more than 10, we'd recommend you give us a heads up so we can help you make the most out of your visit.

The art walk can be walked briskly in 15 minutes on a lunch break, or be taken in more slowly over an hour or so. Certainly, if you are interested in the art & poetry, plan on taking your time.

There are benches & open places for sitting & taking lunch. The art walk is perfect for those who enjoy birding, taking pictures, need a place for writing, painting or drawing, or just a quiet place to think and dream.

The interplay of poetry, nature, and sculpture, makes for an introspective, calming, and poetic time at Oaken transformations.

Other Important Tips:
  • Trailhead through waiting room
  • Foot access only (no biking)
  • Trail loop 1/2 mile, map available
  • Watch out for poison ivy near trail
  • Service dogs only

Interactive Tour

During your tour of the Oaken Transformations Sculpture & Art Walk you will notice symbols or "QR Codes" on various signs.

For example:

QR Code

By using your smartphone's camera technology (you might need to download a QR reader from your smartphone's App Store) you can scan these codes which will take you to a unique URL within this site.

This will allow you not only read the poetry, but hear it read directly from the artist themselves.

Here is an example of what to expect.

Weather for Brighton, Michigan

Brighton, MI, USA